Non-intrusive, long term monitoring of middle ear health

Our faster, modern way to diagnose eustachian tube dysfunction will reduce the number of consultations to diagnosis by 40%

Difficulty equalising pressure in the middle ear is the cause of 80% of all consultations with ear specialists and is a precursor to more serious middle ear health problems such as cholesteatoma ("bone-eater") or hearing loss.
Our patent pending technology allows an ear specialist to collect long term data on the patient's ability to equalise pressure in the middle ear - all while the patient is listening to music or podcasts or watching TV.
Our technology allows the ear specialist to monitor the patient's ability to equalise pressure in the middle ear over a long period of time, and to correlate this with the patient's symptoms.

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The Zeta team

Combining the diverse set of skills and expertise within our team, we are on a mission to provide faster and more accurate diagnosis of ETD, and to free up ressources in a heavily burdened health care system.

  • Kasper Linde

    Chief Science Officer / Founder

    Medical Doctor and BioMedical Design Novo Nordisk Foundation Fellowship Programme alumni of 2020. Understanding the issue from a clinical perspective, is crucial to succeed. With his solid medical background, Kasper has validated and developed the need and solution with multiple national as well as international experts. He has a complete overview of the patient journey, and understands the perspectives of the involved health care professionals.

  • Kristian Klok Pedersen

    CEO / Co-founder

    As a former member of the management team at medtech startup Cortrium, Kristian brings high level expertise within software driven medical device development as well as general management. Kristian knows his way through developing regulatory compliant software for the MedTech industry. Strategically optimising for maximal impact is his trademark, and with years of experience within the technology world, he knows exactly what it takes to bring great ideas to the market.

  • Danny Bøjstrup Pedersen

    Chief Technology and Commercial Officer / Co-founder

    Health Technology Engineer from Aarhus Universitet, and skilled within development and implementation of medical devices. Specialised in user-centric innovation, and with hands on experience from MedTech company Akusis ApS, Danny understands the iterative nature of developing medical devices, and the importance of close collaboration with all stakeholders to succeed.

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